Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Play! and Photo of the Day

Love this photo!  I know the snow is blown and I know that it is technically wrong for me to like this photo, but I can be a rule breaker once in a while.


It is so, so, so very cold around here. We just aren't used to consistently low temperatures. It usually freezes, then warms up and melts everything, then freezes, then warms up... And the snow! It's so beautiful. Unfortunately the kids haven't been able to play in it as much as we would like. Aislinn and I started a fort, but it has been too cold for us to finish it. Jack has been going out almost every day, but it takes him longer to get dressed than it does to play. He comes back in with red cheeks and frigid fingers. The first time he stayed out too long. When he came back in and the feeling started coming back in his ears, oh. It was just awful. He ran to the freezer screaming that he needed and ice pack for the pain. He thought he had burned his ears somehow. Poor guy had never been cold like that before and didn't understand the pain. Since then, he only stays out for a short while and then we warm up with rice milk hot chocolate as he comes back inside.

Today he got to play on the "snow mountain" Tom has been building. Every time he shovels the driveway he tries to pile the majority of the snow in one area. The kids have enough snow that they could build an awesome snow tunnel if it would just warm up a tidge! In the flattest part of the yard, the snow is almost knee deep for me. Poor Gigi can't walk in it at all.

Jack - on top of the snow mountain Tom shoveled for the kids.


Aislinn trying to stay warm.  

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