Friday, March 25, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 6-10

How sad is it that I'm only a week into this challenge and already waning?  The weekend is here and it's time to re-energize.  I'm starting to re-think this whole garage sale idea and am considering just hauling all the furniture and what not to charity.  Garage sales are so much work and I'm already tired of seeing the growing piles in the garage.  Arg!

Enough venting; onto the work.

So Day 6 brought me to give up the bronze and glass wall sconces that we brought from the other house.  Let's face it; they have been stored since we moved Five. Years. Ago.  I kept them thinking I would someday put them up, but uh... yeah.  Riiiight.

Day 7: And then I am finally getting rid of the last stack of CD's!  Old, old CD's.  Going digital is a GREAT way to declutter!  I burned all the music to the computer just in case I needed a trip down music memory lane someday, and now the CD's are moving out.  Yay for shelf space!  I don't know, though.  I might need to keep that Steve Miller band CD....  Yes, definitely keeping that one.
Day 8:  Don't forget the kitchen!  Our kitchen is small.  Dare I call it tiny?  It's perfect for a couple maybe, but a family of 6 who cooks from scratch?  Nuh uh, no way - tiny.  There is no room for clutter so I am constantly checking the cabinets to see if there is anything that can be recycled or homed in another location.  I'm about to re-home our bento boxes in a new cooler bag from a friends 31 Bags show.  (At least that is the plan.)  They can live on the shelf in the garage for easy access.  Dealing with food allergies means anyday we leave the house for more than a few hours is a picnic day.  So the bentos are necessary, however they don't have to live right under the counter.  So yay for shelf space!!!  In the mean time I did find these few items that are no longer needed.
P.S. That's Erni.  He was not interested in moving for the sake of pictures.   Oh and he has a mustache.  Wait and see!

Day 9: Ask the kids to help!  Give them a mission and they will pitch in with enthusiasm.  Lately we talk a lot about "envision your space" and "how do you want your room to look and feel".  They actually don't like living in messy spaces!  Hard to believe, I know.  But it is true.

OK, so Little Man only came up with one measely car today, but he gets points for trying!

And Erni.  See the Stache?  Love his smooshy catness, even if he is driving me crazy in his old age grouchiness.

Day 10:  Trash Day.  I skimmed through the bathroom drawers and cabinets pitching and tossing trash.  I also through away some pot holders that should have gone months ago.  

Happy Decluttering friends!

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