Monday, March 28, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days: Day 11 and 12

The weekend!  Whew!  Saturday I tackled 2 spaces so that I could rest on Sunday.  Well I was so wiped out that I ended up resting today, too.  What spaces?  My side of the master bedroom closet and the linen closet.  I came up with a bag of trash, mostly from the linen closet, and an entire rack of clothes and shoes to donate.

I had the Spring issue of Lowe's Creative Ideas (free little advertisement magazine from Lowe's Home Improvement) and in it there is this great picture of a serene, organized, clutter-free closet.  Le Sigh!  So I left that open on my dresser for continued inspiration while I drug out everything possible from my side of the closet.  I sorted out my favorites, the leavers, and the unsure ones.   The small unsure pile was hung up in the very back corner and the keepers neatly hung up in the front with a lot of empty space in between.  Space!  That's my goal.  Beautiful empty space.

I pulled out all kinds of old 'stuff' out of the linen closet, organized the light bulb collection, and made space for all the summer beach towels.  The kids are getting new beach towels for Easter and now they have a home waiting on them.  The bottom of the closet is empty and waiting... nothing!

On the list for tomorrow:  The dreaded, unapproachable, don't breathe when near it, desk. The untameable homeschool desk, er table stacked high of papers, books, library books, binders, and duct tape.  And that is just the top layer.  Why is there duct tape on the homeschool desk?

Happy Decluttering friends!

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