Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunset on Winter Corn Fields

It's so nice to be with family for the holidays, for many reasons. As a mom of many, one thing I find refreshing is that there always seems to be someone with my children. Which means I can drive into town to see about repairing Jack's glasses and then race back to take pictures of the sunset, all without having to drag the children around. They are MUCH happier playing with their Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandpa.

Next time I'll get some pictures of all the adults playing 500. Whoot!

So this is why I raced home from town, nearly speeding right passed the Highway Patrol office. Eeek! Forgot that was there. Wasn't it worth it? Can you believe you can find these sunsets in the middle of farm land? I always think about great sunsets on the coast or over the mountains, but you can find these beautiful colors right in the middle of US of A. The land around the farm is so flat that you can actually see the horizon miles off, and this is what you see at sunset. Amazing!

Directly behind the house...
Farm Sunset

Behind the house and towards the North...
Farm Sunset

The view out the dining room window (SouthWest)...
Farm sunset

The view to the South...
Farm Sunset

And another directly behind the house...
Farm Sunset

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