Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Favorite Sugar Scrub

There is something really awesome about skipping the commercial scrubs and shave creams (which can dry skin and often has synthetic fragrances and other non-happy ingredients).  Homemade sugar scrubs are easy, inexpensive and they work well for a luxurious and uplifting body scrub and shave cream.  The only catch is that I have heard it's not a great product to use frequently if you have a septic system.  So keep that in mind if you do.
The basic recipe is above on the info-graphic - basically 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil, then add essential oil to your 'taste'.  There are so many ways to customize this.  You can use any oil that you like: olive, coconut, sweet almond, apricot,  or sunflower.  Here is some information on carrier oils that may help you select the perfect one for you.  

Personally, I love organic, extra-virgin coconut oil.  If you use it in solid form, slightly chilled, it will whip up so nice.  Just use your stand mixer and let it go for a while to create a lovely whipped texture.  Other oils will not whip up the same way.  But that's ok!  This sugar scrub works great without a whipped oil, too.  I often use olive oil with brown sugar, too.  Which brings me to sugars.

Use your favorite sugar.  Non-GMO, organic sugars are always best.  Some of the more natural sugars are more coarse.  You can give them a spin in your blender or food processor to break them down into a softer texture.  While you do want a nice scrub, you certainly don't want to be scratching your skin off with large crystals of raw sugar.

A third way to customize is to switch up your essential oil.  My favorites (so far) are Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender+Frankincense, and Peppermint.  There are countless possibilities.  Mix, match and find your own sweet spot.
If you have sensitive skin, always try new oils on a small area first. And skip using citrus oils right before you head out for a day in the sun.  The citrus oils can act like tiny light intensifiers and make fair skin more sensitive to the sun.  If you are planning a day at the beach, try Lavender and Frankincense, instead of a citrus oil.

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