Friday, August 9, 2013

Life has been busy this summer!  My garden is growing, my children growing and learning, and so am I.  In May I took on a new adventure and began training in Olympic Lifting (Oly Lifting) at CrosFit Olathe.  Today I want to brag on this a little bit.  Please know this is not a paid review by any means at all.  

In short - I love this place!  It's hard to not type that out in the all-annoying all capital letter format.  My husband and I have held about 5 various gym memberships over the course of life since college.  CrossFit Olathe is nothing like any of those 5 gyms.  People are friendly, encouraging and happy.  There is a sense of friendship, giving, camaraderie, challenge and joy inside this cinder block building.  I'm telling you this place is like some kind of therapy.

As their name describes, Crossfit Olathe provides fun and challenging Crossfit classes.  I am constantly impressed by the effort the members put into their own workouts as well as encouraging those around them.  There are high fives all around at the end of the hour.  It is impressive to witness.

As for me, I have been specifically training with Oly Lifting.  Crossfit Olathe has much to offer those with fitness goals.  My posture has improved as my confidence and strength have increased; I have added 35lbs to my back squat in just three months.  Overall, I simply feel better and I don't sigh heavily at the gentleman at Costco who loads up the over sized insulated bag to where it is literally overflowing with heavy fresh and frozen food.  Instead I smile as I lift that bag out of the cart and into the back of our vehicle.  

I had been lifting weights on my own and trying to learn a proper back squat for about 18 months before I walked into Crossfit Olathe, so I am not new to the bar or the squat.  But I was stuck at 85 lbs and frequently injuring myself and having to start back with just the bar.  What I have accomplished in 3 months of training with Jerell, is just amazing to me, especially when compared to the results of that previous 18 months of lifting.  Last week I squatted 120lbs.  My next goal is to squat body weight and that should be happening very soon.  

If you are looking to achieve some fitness goals, to get stronger, come by and check out Crossfit Olathe.  Give them a LIKE on Facebook, too.  And for more images of Crossfit Olathe, the owners, coaches and members, see my photography website.

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