Monday, January 2, 2012

Clear the counter

Keeping the kitchen counters clear is always the challenge.  Between homeschool projects, mail, and electronics I feel like I'm constantly fighting for surface area.  Here is how I solved one problem... phones, charger cords, and ear buds.  I love it!

I found this little basket in the back of a bathroom cabinet (that is in need of some decluttering).  It's one of those $3 plastic shower baskets with the big suction cups on the back.

Hubby and I made that cute holder that is floating around on pinterest, and it was cute, but it wouldn't hold 2 phones + ear buds and it didn't want to stay hanging on the plug well.  This works much better for us.  I almost Mod Podged it with some pretty fabric, but the white on white worked better for me.  Hope this helps someone else defend their own kitchen counter surfaces.

Oh and the cords... I just wrapped the cords up to be the right length for the phones, tied them with hair ties and tucked them behind the phones.

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  1. What a great idea! It bugs me to have the phones and cords all over the counter. Having them stuck to the tile would be convenient!

  2. Grt idea.. Am waiting to use it in my counter..

  3. stick it in the bathroom to hold a razor regarging !!!!