Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's in Your Stocking?

I love shopping for Stocking Stuffers!  Here's what I'm thinking about this year.

For me and hubby:
New water bottles!  I love water bottles.  When my kids were little I was obsessed with sippy cups and water bottles.  Even though we breastfed exclusively.  LOL  I want a couple of Lifefactory's new glass bottles and this is a great excuse to buy a couple!   Lifefactory Glass water bottle  If I could find a sippy top adaptor, I think everyone would get Lifefactory water bottles.

The girls are getting their favorite kind of undies and cute socks, moisturizing lip gloss from Burt's Bee.

Jack is getting socks.  And a new stainless steel thermos for summer.  He lost his last summer.  =(

And then everyone gets granola bars to snack on so no one gets grouchy before breakfast.

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