Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New book Recommendation

We're in love with the Bear Snores On series!  I found the series when the author Karma Wilson posted on a photography forum.  She seemed like neat person and I always enjoy her pictures and comments.  So when we were at the library yesterday I looked for her books in the children's section.  If you like stories in rhyme, you will love these.  We checked out Bear Feels Sick, Frog in the Bog, and Bear Snores On.

Now I'm off to buy them all from Amazon, but I had to stop and blog about them first.  Love these books!  These will be some of the favorites that are read over and over around here, even after we have memorized the stories.  By the time the kids are all grown, they will be stained, and tattered, and held together with packing tape just the way our Brown Bear and Hop on Pop board books are.  (It doesn't help that Gigi sleeps with those books.)

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