Friday, February 5, 2010

Mom and Dad

My dad actually let me take his picture.  That's monumental, and worth repeating.  My dad let me take his picture!  And mom snuggled in with Aislinn for a shot, too.

In all fairness, it is entirely possible that Aislinn took this picture.  I was sharing my camera with her and really have no idea which ones I took and which ones she took.  I love my parents!

Now after the last two practice sessions I've shot, I definitely realize I need a new lens.  Something that will open up a little wider inside.   So far on my list of choices is the Canon 35mm f/2 and the Canon 28mm f/1.8.   If I had lots of cash just sitting around (big if there) I would go for the 35mm L series lens.  Either way, I need one of these soon.  OK, so maybe it's more of a want, but still.  Must have!

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