Friday, April 10, 2015

Power Meal - Perfect Dairy Free Protein Shake

We absolutely love having Young Living's Power Meal at our home.   Nourishing kids with food allergies who are also active, athletic, and on the go can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to avoid food dyes, perservatives, artificial sweeteners and other junk.  I am thrilled to have this supplement!!  Anytime I can get more nutrition into my kids and they actually like it and it's easy??  I am really thankful for Young Living's committment to providing the best.  

We use Power Meal as a meal supplement on days that the kids are training for 2 or more hours at gymnastics.  They generally eat pretty well, but the extra protein and calories are needed on those days, not to mention all the wonderful nutrients in Power Meal.  And they just think they are sipping down a cool and tasty treat.   
For myself, I love using Power Meal as a meal replacement for breakfast or even lunch on those really busy days.  And when I'm working hard to get my protein macros up, this is my go to supplement.  I have tried MANY different protein supplements but I just cannot tolerate the whey or soy products, not to mention that many protein shakes out there either have a ton of sugar or they have artificial sweeteners.  No thanks.  After much searching, this is where we are staying.  

Power Meal is enhanced with 6 essential oils, provides 20 grams of protein, is dairy-free, easily absorbed, and is rich in amino acids and selenium (among other great nutrients).  It is a rice-based protein shake and my kids prefer it blended with some fruit, kale, raw cacao, or coconut milk.  They love to plan little chef and try different recipes everytime we make it.  Some of our favorite recipes are listed here on this graphic.  Below is a video of our all time favorite way to prepare it, but the options are endless.  Just today I blended up recipe #1 above.  Then I added about 3 drops of Young Living Orange Essential oil to my glass mason jar before pouring in the Power Meal smoothie.  I mixed that up with a glass straw and it was soooo good.  Try it and see what you think!!  Then come back and let us know.

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