Friday, May 20, 2011

The Princess and the Kiss...

The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop.  Is such a good story.  I love this book!  We bought it a couple years ago at the local homeschool conference.  It's a story of purity woven through pages of beautiful artwork and an old time fairy tale.  It's one of those books that give me chills when I sit down to read it with my girls.  Maybe I'm just silly like that.  LOL

Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity

Recently we bought the second book, The Squire and the Scroll for Jack and also the Bible study book that goes along with the Princess and the Kiss.  I'm so thankful to have these books in my arsenal of teaching books that I had to take a moment to tell everyone.

  The Squire and the Scroll: A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart

What has brought me to the post is that I wanted to celebrate.  My 9 year is now having daily quiet times of studying God's Word and it started with the Life Lessons study book that goes along with The Princess and the Kiss.  Now we have done devotionals before and she has some devotional books for girls.  And since we use My Father's World school curriculum she is in the Word and reading the Word consistently.  But this book is leading her into a deeper quiet time and I'm so thankful and humbled to see her begin this journey.  Thanks for letting me celebrate!!

Many apologies to my friends at Homeschool Highlights, whom I quite simply abandoned... along with blogging.  I appreciate your support and love reading your journey.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to be more consistent with blogging with you during this crazy journey.  Mwuah.

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  1. Completely understand abandoning both the Homeschool Highlights and the blogging! I have found myself wondering lately how much longer I can live on so little sleep! ;)

    Glad the K badges were something you could use. I hope your year is wonderful and that you'll at least post an occasional picture every now and then. Your pics are always so. amazingly. beautiful. Blessings!