Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chocolate Coconut Cream

It's like a Mounds, only better.   And she agrees.  But it's also like a dark chocolate pudding.  So rich and good.  This recipe is so simple and versatile - my favorite kind.

The chocolate.  This dessert is divine when made with some your favorite 70% dark chocolate.  In this case I used Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips because I know those are safe for my little man with food allergies.  

The coconut.  When you open a can of coconut milk you will find that a thick layer of cream has risen to the top.  That's the stuff you want for this recipe if you want a thick, creamy chocolate.  If you want more of a pudding, you will want to use the whole can of coconut milk.  

The measurements.  I'm a cook, not a baker.  A rustic cook who multi-tasks while she cooks.  And that's ok.  That is why I like versatile recipes that are hard to mess up.  This is one of those very forgiving, super easy treats.  If you want a creamier chocolate, add in MORE coconut cream.  If you want a pudding, add in the whole can.  If you want a stiffer chocolate, like a fudge almost, add just a few tablespoons of the coconut cream.   If you want to make little easy snacking chocolate balls, then stir in some unsweetened shredded coconut and shape into balls.  Love nuts?  Chop some almonds and pecans and mix in before you shape into balls.  See what I mean?  One little gluten free recipe can take you to all kinds of joyful places!!!  

Chocolate Coconut Cream

2/3 cup dark chocolate pieces
1/4 cup coconut cream 
1/4 teaspoon xylitol or 1/2 teaspoon sugar (optional)
Unsweetened shredded coconut and chopped nuts (optional)

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.  When soft, wisk in the coconut cream.  Pour into your container to cool, then refrigerate until ready to serve.

If plan to make Chocolate Coconut Cream balls, stir in 1/4 cup chopped nuts and 1/4 cup shredded coconut before the chocolate cools.  Cool, scoop and shape into balls.  Roll in finely shredded coconut and chill in the refrigerator.

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