Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our reading list - Fall 2010

I'm working on a new blog JUST for photography.  Yay!  I'll post the link as soon as it's ready.  This blog is now going back to home schooling, cooking for kids with food allergies, cooking from scratch, and all things family.  OK - now on to books, books and more books.  Can't you just smell them?  That comforting smell of paper and ink.

So many people want to know what we are up to with home school.  I'll start with our reading list for Aislinn who is starting Third Grade.  I love books.  It is so exciting to watch my kids fall in love with reading, too.  And there is so much to be learned from reading; books open the world.  So here is a partial list of what we've been reading and what we are planning to read this school year.  Aislinn is starting 3rd grade, Jack is starting Kindergarten, and Gigi will be 3.

Aislinn is an adept reader at this point.  So most of the books on this list she will read independently (generally speaking).  But I will also be reading these aloud to all of the children during our early afternoon story time while we are all cuddled up together.  But we'll see.  Maybe I will keep these just for read alouds and let Aislinn pick her own fun reading books.  Or maybe it will be a combination.  Ah the beauty of flexibility!

Aislinn's Completed Summer Reading - these are the books we have recently finished over the summer.  At least these are the ones worth recommending - the ones that I felt we must have for our own library.  They are so good!
The Secret Garden  by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A Little Princess  by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Penderwicks  by Jeanne Birdsall  (Such a sweet story about family unity, love, and summer adventure.  The audiobook is at the local library so grab it for your next road trip!)

My Completed Summer Reading
Honey for a Child's Heart  by Gladys Hunt  (An excellent resource to have on hand and a pleasant read.)
Six-Point Plan For Raising Happy Healthy Children  by John Rosemond  (Lots of practical ideas if you need some parenting refreshment.)
Nourishing Traditions  by Sally Fallon  (my favorite cookbook)
A Thomas Jefferson Education  by Oliver DeMille  (Love it or hate it, it will make you think about your child's education, as well as your own.)

Now for our list of options for the Third Grade school year!   My goal is to read through one book each month during story time all cuddled up together.  Basically, this is our fun reading list.
Anne of Green Gables  by LM Montgomery
Because of Winn-Dixie  by Kate DiCamillo
The Yearling  by Marjorie Rawlings, il. N.C. Wyeth
Madeline  by  Ludwig Bemelmans
Uncle Remus: The Complete Tales  by Julius Lester
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm  by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Stuart Little  by E.B. White
Call It Courage  by Armstrong Sperry
Bear Stays up for Christmas  by Karma Wilson (actually, anything by Karma Wilson.  I love her books.)
Anything and Everything written by Dr. Seuss
All things Peter Rabbit  by Beatrix Potter

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