Friday, December 4, 2009

Teach me to read now!

Watching my kids learn is fun.  It's a privilege.  Today I was enjoying it so much that I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera so that I could capture this moment.

Jack was finishing up his handwriting practice said, "I'm done with this.  Teach me to read now!"  Ahhhh.  Sweet words to my soul.  I know that what he really meant is that he was ready to move on to his lesson in the Teach Your Child to Read book.  But I can hardly wait for him to read independently.  We're moving along at a pace that is just right for him, but it is hard not to push it.  I'm so excited for him to be able to learn any subject just by picking out a book and opening it up.

When Aislinn was at this point, teaching her to read was just a check off item on my long to do list.  But now that she is reading and enjoying it almost as much as I am, my view has changed so much.  I want the kids to be able to read for their own pleasure and education.  Watching them choose their own books is like getting a new glimpse into their personality.  Aislinn still surprises me with the books she chooses.  Right now Jack likes books on trains and space exploration.  But who knows what he will choose when he can read on his own?

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