Friday, October 10, 2008

Bento Boxes! My new SAHM project.

I made our own bento boxes today and it's going to be a new daily habit. Even though I'm a sahm, I can already tell that having our lunches and snacks prep'd first thing in the morning is going to simplify my life. I'm going to start saving for some Laptop Lunch boxes, but in the mean time I bought 3 sterilite containers similar to the Lock n Lock's. I was looking for the LnL's, but Target didn't carry them.

I prep'd the fruit and veggies last night, then finished assembly first thing this morning. When we left for the kids Fit and Float classes and my workout at the gym, I just pulled them out of the frig and away we went. After our workouts, we all had lunch in the cafe without spending a dime. The gym has all kinds of yummy food in the cafe and we have to walk right past it to get to the kids gym. I always end up buying fruit or carrots for the kids before we rush home to make lunch. By the time I get lunch on the table, Gigi is melting down for nap and the kids are cranky hungry.

Today everyone was happy and we all love saying 'bento'. Isn't it just a fun word? I just need to go back and pick up another box for Gigi and I. I only bought 3 to start out with.

Here is a picture of Aislinn's - turkey on whole grain with mustard, carrots and celery, grapes, 2 boiled eggs, dairy free chocolate chips. That's enough food to feed her lunch and snacks. So if she needs a snack, she can get her box out of the frig then return it to the frig when she's done.

Tis has been such a huge help today. It's after 3 PM and I haven't been back to the kitchen since 9 AM this morning. 9 AM! Can you believe that? VIC. TOR. Y! I even made a box for Tom, but he forgot it on the couch. Poor hungry guy.

I'm going to keep our bento box pictures here:

Here is some more inspiration for laptop lunches. Aren't they beautiful? Lucky kids, I say.

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